The history of Irandoosh dates back to 1977 when building faucets industry was a brand new industry in the country. In fact Irandoosh is one of the founders of health and building faucets in Iran and even in middle east. the factory established in 20000 square meter.
This company is one of a few factories in country that is able to perform all production processes including casting - matching - polishing - planing and packing using full-automatic state of the art machinery ,independently.
This company was one of the frist factories that got certificated national standard quality certification (ISIRI). the quality of products and attending customers needs and the ability of meeting their needs in the shortest time, are the main points of Irandoosh business philosophy and the reason of it`s continuous success.
That`s why today Irandoosh is well-known and respected brand in this industry and between consumers for years.

Irandoosh factory Irandoosh factory